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YNS Fun Fact Friday!!!!!

It's Fun Fact Friday... today we are to share a Fun Fact or a helpful tidbit... I'm going to do both... see this card?

Well, here are my Fun Facts and Helpful tidbits all from one card! ;)

You see YNS has these AWESOME little things called Grab Bags.  Now I'm a TOTAL sucker for these things, no matter WHERE they are at, call me curious, call me nosey... I HAVE to know what is inside, so I ordered one... Now, the FUN FACT is this... this ENTIRE card was made using 3 stamps I received in said grab bag!!!  Yep, 3 stamps that went together to create the super cute card.  The leaves, the monkey and the sentiment!!!! Hee Hee!!!  I LOVED seeing that!!!!  Now for the helpful tidbit?  Yea ummm, said grab bag had 8 stamps in it and it was a whopping $5!!!  Now if THAT price doesn't help the ole stampin' budget I don't know what would... There are TONS of stamps on sale right now and you KNOW you wanna know what is inside a grab bag... dontcha!!! ;)  Well, I provided a link so get on it!!!  I'm planning on picking up another one!  LOL  SO, head on over to the YNS blog and see what the YNS DT'ers have in store for you!!!  I'll bet it's FUN!!!!! ;)

Later peeps!!!!!

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