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Crazy4Challenges238 Summer Vaca?

Hey Peeps!  It's the last week of May... can you believe it?  Well, this week we are sharing what we are doing this Summer.

June 25, Dave and I celebrate our 20th Anniversary.... WOOT!  HA!  and to think SOME people said we'd never make it (he's difficult to live with *wink*)

SO, we were planning on taking a trip to San Diego and see the beach and zoo, but decided that it was just too many days off of work!  LOL  NOT that we don't mind missing that many days, but Dave doesn't have paid vacation or sick time, so no work = no pay!  YUP!  THAT settled THAT!  ha!  BUT... we will be going to the Beach, probably back to Lincoln City where we went when we first got married.  Here's hoping that whatever I got sick with doesn't get me again... poor Dave, NOT a perfect Honeymoon! ;)

I am using the Stamps of Life Sandals2Stamp sets for my card along with The Paper Loft designer papers.

Yep!  Dave is the flip to my flop... he completes me! :)



  1. What a great Anniversary card! I haven't cracked open my SOL Flip-Flops yet ... but this card makes me want to get down there and play with them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. when the time is right, you will LOVE the San Diego area.....we visited several years ago and had a great time

    fab flip flops and beach


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