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TCP Sneaky Peek Day 2

Yup!  The Puck Stops Here!  ..... CONGRATS Canada... although my heart was rooting for USA! USA! USA!.... I am happy that if it wasn't the red white and blue it was at least 2/3rds right... LOL  BAD Bracket set up... OK anyway, I digress...

It's time for BBEOD to make an appearance... first of many this release! **wink & Squee**

Yep... and guess what else you see... A FREAKING SLIDER DIE!!!!  WOOO HOO!!!!!  Alma hooked up up PHat!!!!  Slider cards are no longer a mystery!  She has a FANTASTIC how to video on Your Tube with this and the other new dies... go check it out! ;)

I created an ice rink... hand drawn walls were placed then colored... then I added some versamark ink to the "rink" and added some Amaze Glaze... it gave it that icy appearance I was going for... BBEOD is sliding in to shove that "puck" in the net! USA! USA! USA! oh yea.... *ahem*  OK

Are you IN IT TO WIN IT???? 

Come play with us there and of course join in at the Release Party.... it's going to be a BLAST!!!!! 



  1. Oh no joke, KJ. I wanted the US to play so much better than they did, but I was so proud of our Canadians, too! This card is a winner, no matter what team. I love slider cards and can't wait to see the rest of the release. You know I'm a sucker for BBEOD! Your card is so Ice Ice Baby... LOL

  2. LOVE that shiny "icy rink", Kelli! You did a great job with that Zamboni/Amaze Glaze! ! Thanks for being such a good sport for congratulating Canada's hockey wins in winter Olympics :) WE all rock!

  3. Omgosh, this is wayyy cool, Kelli!!!!! I love the fabulous ice rink you put him on!!! And yes indeed, Alma's new slider cut up set is off the chain!!! Your card is such a delightful showcasing of such an cute new hockey set and thanks again for another awesome sneaky peek!!!

  4. Awesome card KJ!!! I'm with you on the go USA cheer!!!

  5. ack! look at you ice.....looove it and yes, the slider cards are amazing, yours is sooooo great!


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