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Your Next Stamp~Designer Posts~ Stamp Storage Tips!

Hello there!  I'm SUPER Excited to share with you the way I organize my Your Next Stamp, stamps.

Storage can be a big issue and I have tried several methods.  The one I just changed was using CD Cases, I always got them from Staples, popped out the center piece that holds the disc! Well that was great until I broke one of my 6 foot shelves, and go figure Wal Mart changed up their shelves and I can't replace it.  My husband built me little 3 sided steps for the shelves so that I could utilize the whole shelf rather than a bunch of wasted space above.... so NOW I have changed to the Stamping Storage Panels.  I had several when I thought I would use the binders, ummm, hated those as I am a shopper while stamping, it required getting the binder down and flipping pages.  Not what I wanted.  I ran out of the factory made ones so I went and bought a laminating machine.  I use Stampin Up Whisper White CS and a 3mil laminating sheet.  Perfection.

I decided that the best way to approach corralling my obsession with owning stamps was to purchase these bags from a friend, they are AWESOME.  I labeled the windows with my White Gel Pen on Black CS to keep with the feel of the black and white scheme I have going on... forced due to renting! ;)  White White White... UGH, anyway... here they are....

I store all of my stamps in these bags and they are alphabetized by company.  :)  Notice Your Next Stamp has it's own?.... Yes!  ANOTHER reason I had to change from CD Cases! ;)

Here is how I place the stamps onto the panels.

I simply pull out the Your Way Rectangle bag and flip through, I have these stamps organized by type.  Notice this panel is of people... ;)

Here are the Clear Stamps, a bit of ATG on the flap and stick it down...

This is my next project (I'm shopping for a cheaper alternative) I would like to have at least the sentiments stored in these so that when they fall off, sadly yes a few do repeatedly due to size of base on the cling mount, they stay inside the same grouping.

LOL!  Notice my stamp over?  Well, I decided that in order to have the 80's and 70's accessories handy they needed to go here....

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post and I hope this is helpful to you!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! :)
If you are interested in these bags, feel free to contact Chandra **here**

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  1. KJ--can you use inexpensive sheet protectors to hold the sentiment stamps? Geat idea--you can see everything t a glance!!!


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