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Tutorial Time~Flower Soft and Marks Finest Papers a Heinrich Company!!!

Hello There!  Today I'm going to show you how to use Flower Soft and the way it can make your stamps stretch! Today I am using Ice and Snow (Winter Image) and making a Summer, Fall and Winter card.  Easy Peasy... Ready???  OK, here we go.....

Stamp your image in the ink you use for your coloring medium.  I used Memento Rich Cocoa here

Color your image as normal. I used my Touch Twin Markers

Next it's time for the glue.  I used Flower Soft Glue, but it is the same as Aleene's Tacky Glue.  They say to store your glue upside down, however I have lost a couple bottles that way as the glue travels to the tip and dries.  So I just shake, bang and whack it on the table until it comes to the tip.  Now about the tip...cut a SMALL bit off to make it a small opening as you will place the glue on in a dot dot dot fashion...if you put the glue on thick it makes the flower soft thick ...not good.

Pour your Flower Soft onto the project

Smash it down with your fingers (smash smash smash)

Tip and dump the extra off, if it's to sparse then dot dot dot more glue on where your flower soft has bald spots. Yes it will kind of stick to the glue tip but just wipe it off.

Add a second color if necessary at this time too... if you don't have a multi colored flower soft this is how you get several colors on the image following these first steps.

Mount this onto your card in the way you want and Viola!  I have completed three cards using the same stamp set and all colored the same.  See how the stamp set stretches with just some Flower Soft added?  I LOVE this stuff!!!!

Supplies Used: Ice and Snow, Flower Soft; Sweet Pea, Meadow, Autumn, Spring, White/DP various Authentique sets/ Touch Twin Markers/Clear Viva Pearl Pen/ Various CS for base and matting.

I hope you enjoyed this technique and look forward to seeing your creations! Remember you can do a "one stop shop" and pick up your stamp set and Flower Soft right there at Marks Finest Papers a Heinrich Company!!!  Links are provided in blue for you so click away!!! ;)



  1. Georgeous!!! It made me think of Tara from Gone with the Wind


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