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C4C 144 Crazy 4 Challenges

HEEEELLOOOOO!!!!!  :)  I'm SO excited... I'm the hostess this month for Crazy 4 Challenges!!!  I LOVE being the drum banger on challenges.  and shoot, with the TALENT on this team, it's SUPER easy to be bangin'!!!! ;)

this week I am challenging all to take the colors of their Country flag as their jumping off spot!  Wanna see where I ran to with the challenge?  **snicker** I tell ya, I REALLY crack myself up sometimes!!!!!  You see, it all started LONG ago with some Tea...taxation...representation.... and The Cat's Pajama's... bwahahah didn't see THAT coming now did you??? ;)  I created my card with the Red White and Blue of AMERICA and used this set called Ship Happens from The Cat's Pajama's ... they are floating in a TEA cup.... bwahahahahah... Get it????  **rolling around holding my belly**

I took the tip from The Ribbon Carousel and threaded my eyelet lace with mail twine, ruffled it up a bit and it's all Betsy Ross-ish!!!!! :)  Some Clear Gell on the cup "waves" and puddle of "water" (no that is NOT a saucer!) ;)

Now come on over and play along and let's see how much fun and how silly you can get!!!!  Follow the leader I'm a dork! hahahahah


  1. super cute KJ, fun challenge this week :)

  2. sweet idea with the lace/ effect....whimsical and fun card


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