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Tha Cats Pajamas Sneak and Tutorial

Hey Kitties....  I have another sneak peek for you today for The Cats Pajamas, featuring a new **soon to be released set** called Big Fat Holiday Greetings.... Alma has all the other Kitties peeking today listed on her blog, so head over there after you are done here! :)

I decided to create a quick little tutorial.  No fancy equipment so pardon the amateur photo's!  LOL  I had my lap and 2 hands....  OK ....

We are going to make a little giftie for the Wine-O in your life! ;)  This is SUPER easy, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!  GLASS GETS HOT!!!!!! 

OK so you will need a few supplies.... Wine Glass, Stamp, Clear Block, White Embossing powder (or any color you choose), an Embossing Buddy ( MUST have), Versamark clear embossing ink and a Heat Gun.

First take your embossing buddy and smack it (yes, get the powder flying) against your glass of choice.
I covered mine all over including the very bottom and a bit inside of the glass.  Embossing powder sticks BAD to static...

See there it's covered.... now you will ink up your stamp that is on the clear block with the Versamark clear ink.  ****I left the glass in my lap, set the stamp after inked onto the glass in the center.  I held the glass still in my lap and gave myself a steady platform by bringing my pinky fingers onto the glass on each side.  (I'd show a picture, but... LOL  I only have 2 hands...
Now I placed it in the middle, rolled it carefully up then to the right, then down, then to the left, then up and then finally back to the center.  The cool thing about clear stamps is you can SEE where it is touching the glass.  If you miss a spot no worries, wash it off and prep it again, it does work... LOL  TRUST ME! ;)

Here is the glass with it inked.   You see that little clean circle shape at the top..???  PINKY MARK! ;) Now dump your white Embossing Powder onto the glass.

Just like normal, dump off the extra and check for coverage... pour more on if necessary...

Now... this is the SUPER IMPORTANT PART!!!!!  Prepare a CRAFT MAT or other unburnable surface..... and place your glass down ON ITS SIDE!!!!!  I say on its side as you can see if its shiny (melted) or not WITHOUT TOUCHING IT!!!!!

I CONSTANTLY moved my heat gun as I have an industrial version, and am not so sure how strong my cheap wine glasses are and didn't feel like making a trip to the Emergency Room to remove glass from my body!  ;)  Keep moving the heat gun around until all areas are shiny... now WALK AWAY!!!!  LET THE GLASS COOL!!!!!!  When you return your glass will look like this....

Now, HAND WASH the glass, grab your cork screw,  and pour yourself a glass...




  1. I love this idea and your tutorial is perfect! Thank you!!

  2. Cheers, Kelli! Such a great project

  3. Clever girl! I like this. Bottom's up.

  4. Oh My Word!!!! how cool is that??? with hand washing how long will the EP stay on the glass--have to play with this it my friend


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