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TCP Sneak Peek day 2

Hey Kitty Kats!  Well, what did ya think of the kick off for the new release?  CUTE huh?

Today.... WOOT!  BBEoD is the star!!!!!

HA!  Yep, I decided to add lots of baseballs to this card using the "Dots" Cut Up!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that die!!!!I went with a winner design using Blue and White pin stripes like my boys!  See that hat?  Yep, I added just the COOLEST little NY on the front!  LOL  GO YANKESS!!!!!

The baseball at the top is using Framed Up 2.  I then just took the cut up and covered part of the circle with it and drew the stitched line and added littl hash marks for the stitches. 

Copics for coloring and BAM!  Insta CUTE! ;)

Head on over to Alma's blog and see who else is up to bat! ;)  HAR HAR!  Make sure you pop in to be IN IT TO WIN IT and prep for the Pajama Party.... WOOT!


  1. What a great idea creating all the little balls with that die it looks so cool. Love your card :)

  2. so great, KJ. love those dots in the background. super cute.

  3. Love the use of the dots cutups in the background - super cute KJ!

  4. Love the mix of stripes and dots! This is such a cutie.

  5. We had fun similar ideas for the baseball accent! Too cute KJ!

  6. Too fun! Love the big baseball accent you created.


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