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Susie has challenged us to create something "Easter-y" but there is a CATCH... yes, she's a sneakster, we MUST use a cut up (basket, grass, clouds) ... well, ME being a BIGGER sneakster is gonna claim creative license... you see I DO own the clouds and basket however I do NOT own the TCP Grass cut up, BUT... BUT I SAY.... I was on Susies blog the other day and she created grass by snipping paper and rolling it, fluffing it and just plain old making it look awesome... so I copy catted her. ;)  How's THAT for suckin' up?  tee hee... I used the ICC09 sketch but alas, it closed... DARN!.... but I DO love this card... and enough blah blah'ing from me... whatcha think?

This is some of the new stretch ribbon from The Ribbon Carousel, from May Arts.  It's burlap?  I'm too lazy to go look it up... but it comes in a variety of colors and you can stretch it fat or thin... I made mine, "chubby" ;)  LOVE this stuff and these Cut Ups...



  1. super cute love all the dp papers you used

  2. well aren't you just the smarty pants!! cute!!


  3. I adore this! and that ribbon....I must get some. it's gorgeous here. diggin' all the patterns on this one.


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