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The Cats Pajamas Final Sneak

YES!!!!  It's the final day for Sneak Peeks at The Cats Pajamas!!!! 

Today we are playing with Reindeer Kisses!    HA! HA! HA!  Sorry but I just HAD to create this sweet bottle tag... you know, it's the PERFECT Stocking Stuffer Size! ;)

See what I did there?  Make your SPIRIT bright.... bahahahaha, I know... I'm a goof!  BUT... I DID help keep that little bottle warm.  I created a sweet little "scarf" but using 8 pieces of Twine to mimic a winter scarf!  AWwww.... SWEET right??? ;)

OK here is the UBER cute set in it's entirety that I KNOW I will be using the image here shortly!  Wink Wink!

OK LAST chance to be IN IT TO WIN IT

TONIGHT you need to get your PJ's ON and come PARTAY KITTY STYLE!!!!

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