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I have Guests coming over!

Hello and Welcome Friends!!!!  I (my Craft Cave) is being featured over at Craft Storage Ideas.  WHEEEEEE!!!!!! My Friend Noelle blogs for them and she saw my pictures, each time I changed something, and asked me if I would be willing to send her some pictures of my room.  Of COURSE I agreed.  My room makes me happy!!!  I have to work with limitations being a renter and of course a "frugal" (**cough cheapskate cough**) decorator!

SO, there are MANY pictures so I will just get right to them.. ALL of my storage bags are from Thirty One (I strongly suggest finding a home consultant in your area on line)

***click on images to see larger**

The black with silver handle boxes are from Target Clearance in the office supply and from Michael's the shoe box, boxes that are always on sale.

 These are my Ribbon Carousels and then my Stampin Up Color Families are in the Fold n File bags, they hold the matching 12x12 Designer Pads at the same time.
 Here are my Your Way Rectangles (lids available).  I store all of my unpackaged stamps on Storage Panels I made myself with a laminator and some cheap card stock.  The stamps cling to it, or I put ATG adhesive on the plastic storage sheet they come on.  My Stampin Up sets and my The Stamps of Life sets are in their cases.
 THIS.... THIS is RAUL!  I LOVE my Pool Boy **err** Cutting machine!  This is the Sizzix Big Shot Pro...'nuf said!  He sits on a kitchen cabinet that I got from Target years ago and spray painted black.
 Kids moved out, left their desk... I have 2 now.  My hubby built me the nook to hold my Copics so they wouldn't tip over!  **heart that guy**
This is my light box!  My 6x6 pads are stored in some older baskets I had (pre 31 discovery) and are waiting for my order to arrive! :)
 These are my Stampin Up stamp sets

 Well, Hello there The Cats Pajamas stamps! :)
 Papers from SU!

Here are some pictures of my dies.  This is a recent change as I didn't like the Clip it Up sitting there looking like the Eiffel Tower....

Cheap sticky backed linoleum from Home Improvement store cut into 6x6 squares, and a roll of sticky backed magnet sheeting.  Lay the cut pieces sticky side to sticky side and then trim the slurp off the sides...Mine are stored in a Longaberger Brownie Basket until 31 makes one that can handle the weight of this baby... I thought my TV Tray was gonna bust when I put these on it! LOL
Well, Thank you SO much for visiting and if you are reading this... YOU ROCK!  You made it ALL the way through! :)

Thanks so much Noelle and Craft Storage Ideas for the *thumbs up* :)



  1. awesome space! I love your 31 storage ideas. it's important to have a crafty space you love being in, I think it helps the MOJO!

  2. Way to go on the feature, Kelli!!! Your space looks awesome. I love how open it is :)

  3. Your work space is fantastic, KelliJo!

  4. I read somewhere that someone had magnetic to find that as I think it would be much lighter! Your room is wonderful!


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