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Sneaky Peek day 2 with The Cat's Pajamas

Hey there (again) peeps! :)  Are you STOKED or WHAT???  This release TOTALLY rocks!!!!  I'm back for another peek for you!!!!  Alma's blog has the list of those peeking today, so make sure you go there to catch all the action!!!! 

Today it's a set about being SASSY!  tee hee, I MIGHT know a bit about that.... Sassy Birthday is the name of this set!

 This set if snarky and FUN!  so I decided to disquise the snarky with some feminine fluff!  ;)  I had just been on Facebook when a card popped up by Michele Kovak that I LOVED the layout of, so I stole it! tee hee!

Anyway, this card is glamorously snide and I LOVE IT!!!!  a bit of the chalkboard feel going on...



  1. You? Sassy? Come on! LOL Awesome card girlfriend. You're rocking the black/white combo here. Love that bow my friend.

  2. love the black and white combo, kelly. what a beautiful bow. Sweet card, sassy sentiment and ALL!

  3. I LOVE this card!!! Black and white is soooo classic!!! I am so glad you shared this with me! You can "steal" my LO's anytime girlfriend!!

  4. The black and white is very strking as is that big fluffy bow.

  5. Seriously....that bow rocks! If I tried tying something like that I think I would be the one all tied up in knots. Love allthe black and white...nice clean graphic...yet timeless card!


  6. Gorgeous card! Love it! Thanks for sharing. :-)


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