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It all started as a Dream...

Hey Peeps!

Today's Blog Post is all about ME! lol  I am revisiting my YEAR OF KJ on this post. I LOVE when I see people blog their favorite cards of the year and I decided to do the same thing but as a recap of my growth as a Stamper. (there is some EXCITING news at the VERY end)...

January it was said, was the Chinese "Year of the Dragon"... I remember posting on facebook, "To Hell with the Dragon, ITS YEAR OF KJ!!!!!

I had recently gotten an email that was helping me and it said, I needed to be more consistent....Yep!  I did, I needed to be more consistently ME!  I have picked up bits and pieces from Stamping peeps all over the SCS World, tips and tricks that are SO AWESOME.... but I was trying to BE them I think, all of them lol 

SO, it all started with an email from Frances and Cindy H.  They asked me to become part of the Crazy 4 Challenges Crew.... can you IMAGINE my TOTAL HAPPY???  What an AWESOME crew that is....

Along came March... I was emailed and asked if I would like to join the Marks Finest Papers a Heinrich Company Team.  I fell in love with MFP back when Faith started that company, and even though it's changed owners its STILL an AWESOME company to work for! 

In March, Carole let me know that Your Next Stamp was looking for Guest Designers, so I took a leap and threw my hat into the pile!  GUESS WHAT??  I was Guest Designer for April!!!!

Along comes May... I was invited to be a part of the Inky Impressions Design Team.... this card shows my FIRST EVER Digi Stamp... lol  I was TOTALLY at a loss how to play with Digi's... still am but am getting better... more on that in a minute! ;)

June brought the FIRST challenge team for Your Next Stamp... I was picked!!!! :)

July rolls around and what is that month???  YEP!  DARE TO GET DIRTY!!!!  Now I attempted to play last year but the thought of 4-6 cards A DAY was a BIT overwhelming for me... I think I actually completed 3 cards... IN A WEEK!  lol  This year???  Yeah, ummm, it's YEAR OF KJ Darn It!  I'm TOTALLY completing this challenge... so each day I got up and logged onto SCS and got my list, and set to work... Here are my day 1 challenge cards.... I also want to let you know that UNITY mailed me a prize package I won from playing along.... You will see a card in HYCCT that I used one of my winning stamps on day 1...

Here comes August.... I became part of a Lounge... lol  Drunken Stampers Challenge Blog ... Yep!  I KNEW my "spicy" attitude fit SOMEWHERE in the nice and sweet world of stampers!!!! :)

On to October.... Hope You Can Cling To!  It's all about Cancer and sending love and smiles to those at MD Anderson.... This was a BIT easier on the CS Supply... except pink! ;) there were 1-2 challenges a day for the entire month of October... I mailed off 37 cards/projects!  All cards/projects were mailed to MD Anderson to be used by visitors/patients and families to bring a ray of love to others... it was a VERY touching and emotional HAVE TO COMPLETE challenge... Cancer is a large ugly monster in this world and needs to be GONE!!!!  :(  There were SO many generous companies that donated prizes (how awesome) for stampers... I was SO fortunate to have won from The Cat's Pajama's!!!!  LOVE that Alma!!!!
Here are my week 1 cards for HYCCT

In October I also became part of the Challenge Team for LovesRubberStamps.  Here is my first LRS Team load...THIS is where I have been a digi peep... NOT a pro, just a peep! ;)

November brought me to the world or The Ribbon Carousel.... now I was already aware of these phenomenal carousels for storing ribbon, shoot I own 7 of them and my uber sweet friend Corinna is the Boss!  ;)

And now... NOW I can NOT begin to tell you just how FREAKING UNREAL this part is gonna be.... STILL makes me all breathless and heart just a pounding...

****************WOOT WOOT!!!!!**********************

I AM A SPLITCOAST DIRTY GIRL!!!!!  Can you BELIEVE THAT???  **pinches self** 

Today December 15, marks my Introduction into the Dirt Pile... I have DREAMED of this day, like every other stamper in SCS History.  I vowed that I would NEVER change my avatar heading name until it said, Split Coast Dirty Dozen.. I would stay StazOn SplitCoast forever if need be!!!!

Here is my card for my DEBUT as a DIRTY GIRL!!!!!  Baby It's Cold Outside is our challenge this month.... oh wait... ;)  I can't show you my card... tee hee... here is a little secret... Go to SplitcoastStampers and join the Fan Club... $25 for a year membership, it allows you to see projects in the Dirty Dozen Galleries, play in the Dirty Dozen Challenges, and Fan Club Member Challenges... Seriously, that is a LOT of goodies for a mere $25/year!!!!

 Well, I will let you know THIS year my Stamping Motto is:
 Stamping (Gangnam)KJ STYLE!!!!!  hahahahah  what does that mean??  Well, HANG ON... you're about to find out!!! ;)  PS: Click that link, I LOVE that version!!! ;)

Yep, I know there are "rules" to stamping and I plan on following them but I also have my own .. well, MY style of stamping is NOT about Rules per say but keeping true to who I am.... KJ!  A BIT off at times, wacky, crazy but TRULY have a HUGE HEART.... I'd go to the ground for those I LOVE!!!!  ITS ON BABY!!!!! ;)


  1. You did it, KJ!!! I knew you could. I've always had faith in you. And you earned it. You are dedicated & faithful. Hugs, gf!! I am so very proud of you.

  2. Congrats KJ!! SOOOO excited for you! Good thing I renewed my SCS fan club this fall. Maybe now I will get on there once in a while!

  3. YESSSSSSS! i am over the moon for you- jumpin' up & down, happy dancing, yelling cheers of joy for you! what an awesome post & wonderful news! can't wait to see the dirt fly WOOOT!

  4. I'm so proud of you, KJ! Good for you for going after your dreams! My heart swelled when I read the announcement.

  5. WOW and congrat's you dirty girl :)

  6. EEK!!! I'm so EXCITED for you!!!! Congrats Kelli!!! xoxoxo

  7. Wahooooooooooooooo!!! What an achievement, way to go, Kelli!

  8. Awesome post!!!! Love taking a journey through your year with you! Congrats!!! Gonna miss you on MFP!

  9. Congratulations, Kelli Jo. That is exciting news. You will be missed at MFP.

  10. Huge Congrats KJ! This has been a truly amazing year for you!

  11. KelliJo,
    Big congratulations to you and happy hugs! I'm so sad to see you leave MFP - but understand! You do have a lot on your platter. Again, congrats andn good luck on being a Dirty Girl!


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