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Glitter Fun for MFPaHC

It's my turn to show you how to make a lil sumpin sumpin with Glitter... Here is my second half of the double dip from Saturday! ;)

Hello there Marks Finest Papers a Heinrich Company Peeps!!!  Today I'm going to show you how to add a bit of sparkle to your cards using Glitter without leaving a horrendous mess of glitter sticking to you....

I am using the newly released set called Snow Gifts.  Adorable little snowman image!!!
First off you will need to gather your supplies, although there is not a big fear of a quick drying product, having everything ready to go makes things so much smoother. 
Perma Tac ( I believe Stampin Up still sells this)
Stamping Ink for your coloring medium
Sturdy Card Stock (I don't use my express blending when heating as it's easily burned)
Versamark Ink
Heat Gun

Now stamp your image and color it to your liking...a fun thing with glitter it helps cover up minor oopsies (I have a double stamp line at his hat as I didn't have even pressure when stamping...)

Now run it through your die cutting machine I used a circle Spellbinders die.

Next take your versamark and cover the entire cut piece of card stock, it doesn't dry quickly so you have time to get good coverage.  Next dump on the Perma Tac and cover the entire image, just like you would with embossing powder, and then dump off the excess.

Take your heat gun and heat up the Perma Tac until it melts.  It takes a fraction of the time of embossing powder so watch it closely....  This is what it looks like when melted.

Now this stuff after heated and melted is sticky.  Stray cat/dog hairs will stick! ;)  Dump on your glitter covering the entire image and dump off the excess just like you did with the Perma Tac.
Now you are going to heat the glitter with your heat gun.  If you watch it closely you will see it looks like its popping, reminds me of what I think Rice Crispies might look like if they moved with the sound... LOL!  the second heating is a short period and what it does is re-melt the Perma Tac and make the glitter grounded on the Perma Tac.
This is what your glitter looks like after heated

Use some pop dots on the back, I included a picture of this as it's important to get one on all "corners" and in the center, you don't want a droopy image...

Mount this on your prepared cardstock and card base and VIOLA!  You have a Glitter Beautiful Snowy Glistening card! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 

Now PLEASE REMEMBER... If you are sending card to our Troops NEVER EVER EVER USE GLITTER.... not even with this technique.  It will have minor flaking and we do NOT want to put our troops in harms way.  But for friends and family, what's a tiny speck of glitter amongst us huh? ;)


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  1. thanks for the cool tutorial! i've never tried perma-tac! cute card too!


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