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TCP Sneak Peek Day 5


LOL  I LOOOVE this set!!!!!  Seriously CA-UTE!!!!!

I YELLED... no not a cute SQUEE but a YELL when I saw this set... I had JUST said I needed a BBEOD with a 'brella for my Pacific NW life... we have moved from Winter Rains to Spring Rains... **roll eyes**

Well, Alma was WAY ahead of me!!!!  Is he not CA A A A UTE!!!!!!!    I drew his little wet sidewalk with a few scattered leaves strewn about... I took my blender pen and swiped it across the sidewalk to give it that puddley look at the cracks... yes, our sidewalks puddle... :/

SO.... Are you IN IT TO WIN IT???? 
The Swanky people hang out here on the 24th!!!!  TCP RELEASE PARTY!!!!!  YOU are invited!!!! ;)



  1. Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!!! I want, need, must have this bunny!!! KJ you are an enabler!!

  2. HAHA! You and me both Kelli! I live in Auburn, WA :) And yeah, I have like 3 umbrellas and do you think I ever have one when I need it? Similar problem with sunglasses--cus often we need both in the same day lol! Anyhoo, I really love your card! The image is totally darling and I love the sidewalk and scene you created for him! Awesomeness! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful card with this delightful new bunny!!! Oooo, the sun is out-better go catch some rays while I can haha!! ;) Hugs


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