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A Card Club Card~~~~~

Hey There Peeps!!!!  I am loading a card that was made for a little group of gals I am stamping with *virtually*.  We mail kits and each person makes a card and loads it into their galleries and blogs.  Do you see that SUPER CUTE PIN???  Yep, Crafty Math Chick MADE those!!!  She made some AWESOME Snowmen and Christmas Trees too, but I don't wanna USE those!!!!! ;)  lol  They will sit and be ADMIRED for long to come... trying to talk her into making Bunnies and Turkeys next! ;)

Here ya go hop along and check out these FANTASTIC Peeps!!!!


  1. AWWWW! LOVE THIS! I really enjoy seeing how different everyone's cards are with the same supplies. Beautiful layout Kelli, the shaker theme was a fun twist!
    ~ Meredith
    PS - sorry, I don't forsee chickie and bunny stick pins in the future...

  2. love this!! a shaker box with a super cute BUN!! and way to use supplies



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