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Troops during The Holidays

Hello Peeps!  I am double dipping here today peeps, time constraints are KILLING me these days.  SO, I created a card for the Holidays for The Ribbon Carousel and an "Anything Goes" for Loves Rubber Stamps.  Laura is getting Our Daily Bread in the store so I chose this stamp!

I have created this card for a co worker who is currently in Africa hunting down Josef Kony.... not a lot in the news about that is there???  :(  OK, NOT making this a political post, but I wanted to Honor ALL Soldiers who are away from home during the Holidays and let them know that they are NOT forgotten!!! 

PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CARDS WITH GLITTER ON THEM TO THE TROOPS!!!!!  One little speck of Glitter puts them in harms way...check out this link to see the rules and mail cards to our Troops!

I will be mailing this to Rob's house to be there for him when he gets home!  I will also be posting it on his facebook page to let him know he is missed and loved!

Not real chatty after making this card, they just totally bum me out! :(  I MISS my co worker and send TONS of prayers for ALL Soldiers protecting us and all we love!!!!!



  1. gorgeous....your heart is amazing girlie! I am sure he knows your praying for him

  2. This is so beautiful! I love the colors and the fabulous design you used with this image.

  3. Beautiful! Love the added glitter over the image!

  4. What a beautiful card KJ! Your friend is going to love it.

  5. Wow this is a beautiful card! I love the image you used and the colors!

  6. This is gorgeous Kelli! I will be getting the OBD in the store soon - I swear - LOL! It is always tough when you have ones you care about in the military overseas. It is so tough to even think about things they see and what they experience while there. I am sure it helps him knowing that he has so much love and support from those at home to help him through. I hope and pray he stays safe and gets to come home soon!


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