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Imaginisce Ribbon Cutter

OK, I will freely admit I'm a sucker for gadgets, but... THIS gadget... is AWESOME... seriously!  I purchased a Imaginisce Ribbon Cutter from The Ribbon Carousel and played with it today... I would buy it again... Here are some pictures to show you just how SIMPLE it is to use... I took the pictures and cut the ribbon at the same time... NO COMMENTS about a manicure either... I don't do those.... ANYWAY.... check this out!

 Scissor Cut
 The "gadget"
 Cutting & Sealing ribbon
and compare.... YES!!!  I'd DEFINITELY buy this again!!!!

PS the Twill Ribbon is found at the SAME PLACE... how's that for convenience! ;)


  1. Well thank you for showing us this awesome tool! What a difference...I know I'd love to give it a try. I hate when my ribbon frays!

  2. Woah! That is too nifty, Kelli. One to put on my Christmas list for sure.

  3. Grrr... out of stock! But thanks for clue-ing me in. The Ribbon Carousel should give you commission, btw! :)

  4. We did the same fold, LOL! Adorable, KJ!!


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